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& Security Operatives & Lorry Park Security and more services like cctv, CAMERA CREW SECURITY , mobile patrol and keyholding services., Event Security.


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OPEN EYED EXECUTIVE SERVICES LTD  We’re passionate about working in partnership with our clients to provide the very best Executive Services. We recruit the best, train to the highest levels and deliver on all briefs. Thanks to our customer focus and ‘can do  attitude we’ve developed a wide range of Services from Close protection, VIP Executive Services ,Security guarding to all Event security and to door supervision.

We’re committed to providing cost effective and high-quality security solutions delivered by professional and reliable security personnel. All of our Security Personnel are fully trained, Insured, and most importantly DBS checked and SIA accredited. Our services are available 24/7 and we can be hired for a one-off service, short term assignments or longer-term contracts. We look at giving a fully bespoke services at all times with the sport personalities, film production crews and rst Services with all Clients.

Event's Security.

At Open Eyed Executive Services Ltd we build close relationships with all our clients that generate trust and confidence resulting in ongoing partnerships with clients returning to us year after year allowing for a high level of service, consistency and quality.


Want to thank the team for looking after JIM DAVIDSON on his Swimming Against the Tide Tour on 20/01/2024 did a top job look what we got back from him well done team. Keep up the hard work for 2024.

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 Here at Open Eyed Executive Services We have deployed RST security teams at short notice to assist our clients at times of need on short  or long term tasks, we will always hand pick each team member as we understand the requirement for professional experienced personnel. At times our staff will work close to clients when required and can act as a personal protection officer (PPO), this can be in the overt or covert role.

Building the level of RST security which is suited to each client can be planned and designed with privacy in mind, having security personnel close to your residential or family area can seem daunting, we can design a security plan that fits each task and is comfortable for the clients home, family or business.

Lorry Park Security. 

Here at Open Eyed Executive Services Ltd , We like to do the best to keep you and your Lorry or your Fleet of lorries safe, Unfortunately goods vehicles and trailers are often targeted by thieves!

 To help keep your vehicle secure

  • do not discuss the details of your load with any unauthorised person
  • never leave the keys in the cab while it’s unattended
  • do not give a lift to anyone
  • try to avoid using the same route and making the same drops and rest stops
  • keep your mobile phone with you
  • avoid parking in vulnerable areas
  • keep your vehicle in sight when you park for a break
  • make sure all doors are locked and windows are secure if you sleep in the cab
  • have an alarm system and/or immobiliser fitted
  • avoid leaving a trailer unattended unless it’s on approved secure premises
  • fit a kingpin or drawbar lock to a trailer if you have to leave it unattended.

Before you leave your vehicle, make sure the engine has stopped, the ignition system is switched off and the parking brake is on.

If you’re stopping overnight in a lorry park, it’s a good idea to park with the rear doors close to another lorry to keep the load safe. Always park in a secure, well-lit, reputable lorry park or designated parking area if possible.

Always do a walkaround check on your vehicle when you return to it to make sure it has not been entered or tampered with. If you see anything suspicious, call the police and tell your employer.

Our operatives are qualified in:

  • Level 3 Close Protection
  • Level 2 Door Supervision
  • Level 2 CCTV Operations
  • Level 3  First Response Emergency Care
  • Level 3 Administering Emergency Medical Cases
  • Level 3 First Aid as a minimum
  • Level 2 Fire and Safety
  • Level 2 Drug Awareness
  • Level 2 Award in Counter terrorism Surveillance

Fire Marshals.

Here at OPEN EYED EXECUTIVE SERVICES, we understand the importance of choosing the right fire marshal or fire warden company for your site. We take fire seriously and move quickly to ensure your site, colleagues, occupants, and public a safe and free from harm or damage.

We are also able to provide professional fire wardens. This is a person responsible for supporting the ongoing management of fire safety and contributing to the safety of people in the event of a fire evacuation. Unlike a dedicated fire watch officer, the role of a fire warden can be carried out as an addition to an individual’s day-to-day activities. We are also able to provide fully qualified security officers able to act in a fire warden capacity.

A fire watch service is a safety measure designed to ensure your premises are properly protected from the threat of fire. Fire watch services are used when there is an increased risk of fire on your site – due to, for example, alarm systems and sprinklers being deactivated for longer than four hours, “hot work” (such as welding) taking place and during hazardous demolitions.

A “fire watch officer” is a person who is solely responsible for monitoring fire risks, looking out for fire and ensuring fire safety best practice is adhered to throughout your premises. Our experienced, qualified fire watch staff will become intimately familiar with your buildings or premises, will eliminate fire risks, and will ensure complete fire safety compliance.

If you knew you could take steps to remove Your child from danger. you would. wouldn’t you?

The National Crime Agency’s Anti Kidnap and Extortion Unit (AKEU) supports the UK Government covertly to secure the safe release of hostages. But better still would be to stop kidnappings happening in the first place. Kidnap and extortion can have lifelong consequences for victims and their families.

 As one of the world’s truly global cities, London and the UK attracts not only wealth and opportunity, but also those wishing to capitalise on it. Child abductions and other extortive kidnappings are sadly all too often occurrences in UK because profit-driven criminals target high-value or well-connected individuals that are more likely to be able to pay a ransom for their release.

Your personal or professional circumstances may mean that you and your family are vulnerable and are at a higher risk of being affected by attempts of kidnapping, hostage-taking or extortion.

We offer the opportunity for families to proactively protect their loved ones. As experts in child abduction prevention in London and the UK we are the right people to protect your family, and in doing so, remove endless worries about yours and their safety.

This sort of crime is usually meticulously prepared by the perpetrators. Offenders collect personal data on their victims to understand routines and movements, identifying their security detail. However, our experience with child abduction prevention means we understand how criminals plan such activities. So, we’re even better prepared to reduce risks and prevent attacks.

Our vigilant approach makes it hard for Offenders to obtain the information they would need in order to successfully carry out an attack. This includes, for example, changing the daily routine so that the route to school is different each day.

Our personnel are trained to be able to adapt their close protection services to provide reassurance to your family whilst always ensuring the safety and security of your child.

Prom & School Security.

At the end of the school term and year 11 and sixth formers are given permission to party! Ensuring the safeguard of revelling sixteen to eighteen year olds may seem like a headache, but with Open Eyed Executive Services we can make sure everyone is safe and secure.

Our team has been working alongside schools, colleges and universities for many years, either onsite at schools or at top party venues. We offer experienced enhanced DBS checked, SIA licensed supervisors to ensure only those allowed access step through the doors. Our staff are adept at spotting potential issues and are quick and able to calm any causes of conflict. Working in partnership with you, we can ensure your prom or party is the perfect send off for all school leavers, making for a truly memorable experience.

We also cater for ‘after the Prom Parties’, held at private residences or alternative venues.


Open Eyed Executive services ltd Operative a Bespoke Personal Security Service and Risk Mitigation service to protect your business, home and family. Clients can hire executive protection, VIP Security and Guarding to protect their assets.
Whatever you need protecting, be it your business, family or home, the protection of staff, family, premises and property from theft, vandalism or worse is a top priority. Drawing on years of experience Open Eyed Executive Services provides excellent systems that are designed to match your performance requirements.
Security is not a one size fits all service, our clients demand a personal security service which is unique to their individual set up, and we take pride in providing operational requirements which suit them and their premises.

High Value Goods.

As the British Security Industry Association Highlights. tough times and economic hardship bring out the best but, sadly, also the worst in people. Asset and high value goods protection is more important now than ever before.

We understand the importance that personal items hold to individuals, and we’re fighting back against money launderers. As crime levels increase, your valuable goods and property are becoming more vulnerable as criminals become increasingly desperate in these hard times.

Let us protect your:
  • Jewellery and diamonds
  • Heirlooms
  • Race horses
  • Fine art
  • Car collections
  • Other high-value items
Our services not only include protecting these items through securing your property, but also overseeing the transportation of these items.

We use the latest security technology to mitigate potential risk when transporting goods. The quickest and the most discreet way to move your high value assets is by Hand Carry. If that’s not suitable, we can move items by armoured vehicle. Whichever option is right for you, we’ll plan a thorough security detail that meets your exact requirements.

In some circumstances it may be appropriate to use decoy vehicles, which add an additional layer of security, particularly if there are concerns that information has been leaked or the operation has been compromised.

Now, more than ever, is the time to ensure that your assets and high value goods are protected.

Car Park Security.

Car park security is exactly that , security for car parks. It’s the strategies we use to keep a parking lot or an area where vehicles park secure. There are a number of systems and services that can be used to secure a park, from access control to physical barriers.

New cars are a very valuable target for criminals, so car parks that are used in retail, shopping centres, or distribution environments need to be kept secure at all times. Car parks containing construction vehicles such as vans are also a target due to the valuable tools and equipment they contain. Being a victim of crime is always damaging for a business, but it is particularly bad if that crime involves the property of a customer. They are trusting you to secure their car and if you fail to do that, it will have a significant negative impact on your business.

Home Office figures in January 2019 show a 50% rise in vehicle thefts over the previous five years and crime statistics reveal a car is stolen every 5 minutes in Britain. Furthermore, an empty unused car park is a target for fly-tippers, unwanted guests and antisocial behaviour.


" Recently hired Open Eyed Executive Services LTD for our Boxing show which was a huge success partly down the professional attendance of Blaine and his team. Very polite and smart staff going above and beyond to make things run smooth. Booked again for our next event "


" This company is by far the most friendly and professional security firm we have ever had. No job is to big for them! They are polite and chatty with the customers and we always have a nice chilled environment. We would definitely recommend to anyone who is looking for a security firm. The vine Retford"

The Vine Retford

" Fantastic guys, go above and beyond and make sure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. Made everyone feel at ease so they could enjoy the event "

Clinton Baptiste - LIVE

" couldn't recommend them enough, they went above and beyond for our venue on multiple events, ensuring our staff and customers felt safe. x "

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