CCTV  VAN / Division  & rst services &  keyholding services and Mobile patrols.


Whether you’re planning an event or looking to protect a vulnerable site , CCTV is essential, but not always easy.

Open Eyed Executive Services have removed the need for costly, fixed position CCTV security thanks to our new state-of-the-art mobile CCTV camera vans. Manned by SIA trained OPEN EYED EXECUTIVE SERVICES  officers, our mobile CCTV vehicles feature multiple high-definition cameras including an ultra-zoom, 360 degree camera unit capable of razor sharp, full colour imaging and recording from up to 1km away. With day and Night vision.

All surveillance and monitoring is carried out onboard by our skilled officers, using multi-screen technology and controls. 
and as we are on the RST services and  keyholding services we can keep a eye on your CCTV to.

If you could benefit from cost-effective, mobile CCTV cameras and surveillance whether for an event, construction site contact us today on  or call 

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