Open Eyed Executive Services has decades of experience in covert surveillance, having undertaken major complex global covert surveillance operations, involving drug dealing, extortion, corruption, theft of assets and industrial secrets and much more.

Our highly skilled surveillance operatives are always ready to deal with the many unexpected occurrences that can occur during covert surveillance operations. As an example, on many occasions during a surveillance, without prior knowledge to us. The subject has flown from one destination to another unknown destination and on occasions covering two or more countries during the course of a week. Our Open Eyed Executive Services teams, with their prompt reactions, have successfully maintained full contact coverage, allowing the client to be aware all the subject’s activities.

Open Eyed Executive Services surveillance teams have been carefully selected – a number of the operatives are former military, ex-government agency surveillance trained as well as those trained in-house. SIP teams travel globally and operate in all areas, including commercial, criminal, insurance, matrimonial, counter terrorism, counterfeiting, etc.

For surveillance cases in remote locations, that relate to a suspected crime or improper act, we have experienced drone pilots. This approach is a valuable when it comes to capturing video evidence of an association with a third party or illicit activity.

Our teams are equipped with the latest state-of-the-art covert surveillance equipment to ensure they capture images that are relevant to the case, as well have bespoke equipped surveillance vehicles.