Here at Open Eyed Executive Services Ltd , We like to do the best to keep you and your Lorry or your Fleet of lorries safe,  Unfortunately goods vehicles and trailers are often targeted by thieves!

 To help keep your vehicle secure

  • do not discuss the details of your load with any unauthorised person
  • never leave the keys in the cab while it’s unattended
  • do not give a lift to anyone
  • try to avoid using the same route and making the same drops and rest stops
  • keep your mobile phone with you
  • avoid parking in vulnerable areas
  • keep your vehicle in sight when you park for a break
  • make sure all doors are locked and windows are secure if you sleep in the cab
  • have an alarm system and/or immobiliser fitted
  • avoid leaving a trailer unattended unless it’s on approved secure premises
  • fit a kingpin or drawbar lock to a trailer if you have to leave it unattended.

Before you leave your vehicle, make sure the engine has stopped, the ignition system is switched off and the parking brake is on.

If you’re stopping overnight in a lorry park, it’s a good idea to park with the rear doors close to another lorry to keep the load safe. Always park in a secure, well-lit, reputable lorry park or designated parking area if possible.

Always do a walkaround check on your vehicle when you return to it to make sure it has not been entered or tampered with. If you see anything suspicious, call the police and tell your employer.